The Advantages of a Dispute Resolution Board

One of the programs that has developed from the growing evolution of alternative dispute resolution is that of Dispute Resolution Boards. What is a DRB? A Dispute Resolution Board (DRB) is a panel of independent, neutral professionals typically used in large construction projects to: How are DRBs created? An often-used approach for creating a Dispute … Read more

A Neutral’s Role in Finalizing a Settlement

As litigants and mediators have long understood, by the time a case is resolved, the parties involved have sometimes worked for many hours on what can be a grueling process. Therefore, it is on occasion difficult at that point to start drafting a settlement agreement from scratch. It is helpful for a mediator to come … Read more

Creative Thinking in Mediations

The black robed judge peered over the elevated large wooden bench and spoke to the litigants with a stern tone. “I’m suggesting that the parties attempt to mediate their dispute. Why? Because all I can do from the bench is issue a money judgment either for or against one of the parties. But in mediation … Read more

The Mediator’s “Proposal”: Is it worth it?

It is certainly not that uncommon to be in a mediation where one side feels that it has moved to its “lowest number” while the other side has reached its “highest number” and the gap cannot be overcome. It is at a juncture like this where mediators can choose to insert themselves into the negotiation … Read more

Mediation: It’s All in the Style

Mediation is a very effective way to resolve disputes between parties. Certainly, there are many reasons that mediations may work, even in strongly contested matters, because, in some instances, it is the first time that the parties have had a chance to tell someone their “story”. And often times, just sharing their perspective about the … Read more