The success of mediation is well known. In excess of 85% of all cases are settled when the parties come together to talk about their dispute, when each side has the opportunity to be heard and, most importantly, take an active role in crafting a resolution to the pending dispute. What is often noted by … Read more

Confidentiality in Mediation: Creating a Safe Space

A cornerstone of mediation as an approach towards dispute resolution is the understanding that the process is considered confidential. Why is this important? Essentially, it is the fact that the parties can freely discuss the merits of their case, without the fear that their position will be undermined, that permit the mediation process to help … Read more

Corporate In-House Mediation Programs

Employment disputes inside corporations are inevitable. Even with strong human resource oversight, companies cannot avoid the likelihood of claims arising from their employees, whether they are wage related or rise to the level of discrimination or ADA violations. Due to the increased cost of court litigation, many companies have turned to offering in-house alternative dispute … Read more